At Poolside, Inc. in Mebane, NC, we want to make sure you can spend the entire spring and summer months enjoying your pool. Not only do we have a large selection of products and services, but we also offer useful advice and recommendations to keep your pool in top-quality condition.


April 15-20 Spring Start-up Sale

* 10% Ansillary products, Sustain and EZ Pool
* 25% off floats and toys
* B4G1 Liquid Shock
* B4G1 Aquasilk Oxidizer
* Up to $150 off Dolphin cleaners

Buy a Dolphin within the months of May through July and receive a mail in rebate on:

  • Dolphin M500 for $125
  • Dolphin M400 for $75
  • M200 for $50.

Helpful Hints

  • Brush pool walls and floor weekly to prevent algae growth.
  • Point jets down and slightly to the right to help with circulation.
  • Run pump at night to cool water, and during the day to warm water.
  • Backwash only when PSI raises 9 PSI higher than clean pressure.


Q: When should I open my pool?

A: Before the water temperature reaches 65 degrees. This is when algae can really grow. Though some people wait til the pollen ends in mid April.

Help Is On The Way!

Contact us today at 919-304-6926 to ask questions and get advice on how to care for your pool.